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Unique Approach
AB&C’s Principal (Robert) has a unique experience in business.  Working in diverse fields such as Production Engineering, Marketing, Computer Programming and a Community Project.
This experience has worked well.  Given Robert a lot of understanding of how different businesses work.
One thing learnt was Pareto’s Law.  Which is a powerful tool in any business.  It is also know as the 80/20 Rule.
Robert also has qualifications at A’Level and above in: Mathematic, Computing, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Economics and Psychology.  Blending the analytical techniques learnt, from Physical Sciences, with the Social ones.  This gives a strong methodology for approaching business problems.
Using a network of Associates, there are very few problems that can not be solved!
We are always looking out to sponsor local people or events.  In the past we have designed and printed calendars.  For some local animal welfare organisations. We fund an English Literature Prize at a local school.
It could be that we provide a service at a discounted rate?
It is at your Opportunity Cost that you do not consult with us!