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Design and Web
AB&C can design as little or as much as required.  Artwork, Logos, Text and Images can easily be inserted in the final design.  We will work as a team with you.
In the past we have designed many different things including: Flyers, Posters, Forms, Business Cards, Letter Heads, Compliment Slips, Logos etc …
We have the capability of digital photography, and video production if required.
Photographs and other designs can easily be attached to, corporate work wear and business gifts.
AB&C is able to advise and assist on all aspects of web site development.  Firstly a domain name needs to be decided upon and registered.  This should in some way reflect the name and type of business such as for AB&C.
We believe in straight forward designs, that do what it says on the tin.  Designs should be eye catching.  They should always have the important information,  easy to find and easy to read.
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the final job in web development, which we can assist on.
We use Occam’s Razor  as our principle for making sure designs do what it says on the tin.